The JavaScript library for people who hate JavaScript libraries.


Do you know JavaScript? Boom, you know BantamJS. The BantamJS library adds a grand total of eight functions. Only one is complex enough that you'll need to read the documentation more than once. You can go from zero to using Bantam like a pro in under an hour.

BantamJS was developed with the Pareto principle in mind: 80% of your value comes from 20% of your library. We just took it one step further and eliminated the deadwood. By including only the most used functions, Bantam gives you a powerful toolbox in a tiny package.


Want to make a static site with some client-side content? Go for it! Want to make a single page app? Awesome! Want to have clear separation of concerns? You do you!

BantamJS makes no assumptions about the way you plan to structure your code. Rather than forcing you to work within a contrived and rigid framework, Bantam fits seamlessly into any workflow. You can even drop it into legacy projects to start modernizing your legacy code.


BantamJS is the lightest weight JavaScript library available. Clocking in at less than 1% the size of Angular and Ember, and less than 5% the size of jQuery core, BantamJS brings you heavy-hitting performance across all your devices.

Angular 2566K
Ember 2.0.0435K
React 16.0.2 + DOM97.5K
jQuery 2.1.382.5K
BantamJS 2.1 4.0K